South dakota Shepinois

German Shepherd x Belgian Malinois Cross

Where the Best of Both Worlds is Born

Available pups

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The waiting list for our next litter is getting full. If you hope to get one of the next litter, give us a call asap.

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Why a South Dakota Shepinois?

Our breeding program is based upon our foundation to continue unique bloodlines as well as raising great family dogs.

The Shepinois breed is the best of both the German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois breeds. The Malinois bring good conformation and joints, while the German Shepherd bring a higher level headedness. This mix allows us to have driven dogs that can be a part of your family for years to come.

Our dogs are natural protectors, and with that in mind, we also want them to be a part of your family. Our dogs are raised with our family on the ranch. They are integrated into all aspects of country life from helping with the cattle work, to coming out while riding horseback, or going to town for a supply run. We want them to be a part of your family as well, not just as protectors, but as your family dog.

Our Mission

Continue Unique Bloodlines

While Making Great Family

and Protection Dogs

The Parents

Meet Victoria and Trivette. The backbone of South Dakota Shepinois and where it all started.

Why Choose South Dakota Shepinois?